How To Prepare For Your Pool Opening

Dear Pool Builders Customers,

It’s almost time to start thinking of all the fun you and your family and friends are going to have this summer, with your custom pool that Pool Builders constructed for you. We are excited to come open your pool for you as soon as the ice has melted in your inground pool or on-ground pool. Just give us a call or email us at [email protected] to book your pool opening.


How to prepare for your pool opening:

 Prior to your pool opening please have all the pool fittings (return eyeballs, skimmer basket, etc.) accessible.  If you have a cartridge filter, make sure the cartridges are clean and ready to put back in the filter. If your breaker is inside the house or you have a remote control for the lights have the breaker turned on and the remote accessible. The water can be filled up or left as is, then either filled up later or drained if need be.

If you will not be home please ensure that the gate to your pool is unlocked. The pool equipment shed door should also be unlocked. Please leave the cheque in the amount of the services required made out to Pool Builders Inc near pool equipment so that it is visible to our technician. We also accept email money transfers.

Pool Opening Packages:

2016 Pool Builders Standard Opening Service  (call or email for pricing)

  •  Removal of all winterizing plugs and gizmos
  •  Reinstall pool fixtures
  •  Start up pool recirculation equipment
  •  Visual inspection to ensure that all components are functioning properly
  •  Calibrate automation system
  •  Add starter chemical kit​ (starter kit includes 1 kg of shock, 1 l of sequestering agent and 1 l of 40% algae side)

2016 Pool Builders Premium Opening Service (call or email for pricing)

  • Removal of all winterizing plugs and gizmos
  • Reinstall pool fixtures
  • Start up pool recirculation equipment
  • Visual inspection to ensure that all components are functioning properly
  • Calibrate automation system
  • Add starter chemical kit​ ​ (starter kit includes 1 kg of shock, 1 l of sequestering agent and 1 l of 40% algae side)
  • Removal of Safety Cover
  • Place Safety Cover in storage

2016 Extra Services(call or email for pricing)

  • Pool vacuuming 
  • Pump off a water bag cover and clean it
  • Additional starter kits for larger pools 
  • Open Spill-Over Spas add 

 Here are the days that Pool Builders we will be opening pools in the Ottawa/Stittsville area:

Mondays: Stittsville 

Tuesdays: Nepean/ Barrhaven/ Manotick

Wednesdays: Ottawa Proper/ Riverside South / Greely / Alta Vista/ Orleans/ Rockcliffe/ Ottawa South

Thursdays: Kanata South & Central/ Richmond/ North Gower/ Kemptville

Fridays: Kanata North/ Carp/ West Carleton/ Carleton Place/ Arnprior/ Renfrew/ Stittsville

 Thank you again for choosing Pool Builders.

Preparing For Your Pool Closing

Dear Pool Builders Customer,

We hope you really got to enjoy your pool this summer and wish you many more years of fun to come. With the turn of fall just around the corner, it is unfortunately time to start thinking about closing your pool for the winter season. As per the sales agreement Pool Builders will close your pool free of charge for the first year of ownership. The closing includes the following; blowing of all pool plumbing lines, anti-freeze for salt water pools, installation of frost plugs and a winter chemical kit. Please read the following FAQ in order to prepare for your pool closing.

When should I close my pool?

Pool Builders offers their pool closing service from the second week of September to third week of October. You can close your pool anytime during that period, the choice is yours! We will be using the following day/area schedule for pool closings:

Monday: Stittsville

Tuesday: Barrhaven/ Nepean/ Westboro/ Manotick

Wednesday: Alta Vista/ Riverside South/ Greely/ Orleans/ Central Ottawa/ Rockliffe

Thursday: Kanata South/ Richmond/ North Gower/ Kemptville

Friday:  Kanata North/ Carp/ West Carleton/ Carleton Place/ Arnprior/ Stittsville

There will be no closings on Thanksgiving Monday

How do I book my pool closing?

Once you have chosen your closing week and day please email [email protected] to reserve your slot. A confirmation email will be sent back to you with the exact date of your closing. We cannot guarantee specific times do to uncontrollable circumstances, if you will not be home please make sure to have the water lowered to 1”inch bellow the returns/jets and the gate unlocked and a cheque made out to Pool Builders Inc if applicable.

How can I prepare myself for the closing?

We ask that you vacuum your pool, the water  be properly balanced and drained to one inch below the returns/jets (see image and instructions at bottom of page).

Will Pool Builders supply and install a cover for my pool?

The pool will be left uncovered after your pool closing. However if you would like it covered we do provide and install custom Mesh Safety Pool Covers. For more information about the custom covers please contact us. The average price for this type of cover is about $2500 to $3500 depending on shape, size and number of cut-outs (ie; diving board, waterfall, steps, etc). For generic pool covers they can be purchased at your local pool supply store.

Should I be home for the closing?

If you want to observe how the pool closing is done you should be home. If you do not wish to be present for the pool closing please make sure that the pool gate is unlocked and that the equipment is accessible and that the water level is 1” below the returns/jets.

Will I receive a free opening in the spring?

This is not included in the agreement unless your pool was not operational during the summer season at the time of closing. If you wish to have your pool opened by Pool Builders in the spring we can do so for our standard fee. Simply contact us in the spring.

To drain the pool switch the valve to draw only from the main drains (make sure skimmer pipe is closed), attach your hose to the blue or grey pipe coming out of the cartridge filter (secure it with a 1 1/2 “clamp), turn the blue and yellow valve the same direction as the pipe to allow water to go through it and then turn your pump on. Once you have reached the desired level switch the blue and yellow valve back to its original position (sideways on the pipe). You can then leave the system on and it will draw from only the main drains, this is good if the pool closing is only in a couple of days. Or you can shut it off completely by turning off the breaker, but if due to heavy rains we are delayed a day or so you would have to turn it back on.

lowered to 1 inch below jets

Picture of how pool should look once drained to 1 inch below returns    

Things you will need:

Vinyl hose 1 1/2 inch

Vinyl hose 1 1/2 inch

1 1/2 inch C clamp

1 1/2 inch C clamp

How to Vacuum Your Inground Pool

How to vacuum your ingorund or on-ground pool from Pool Builders




Take out your vacuum pole, hose, skimmer adapter, and vacuum head.


Connect one end of the hose to the vacuum head (the hose end that is the most snug is the proper end for the vacuum head). Connect the other end of the hose to the skimmer adapter. Connect your vacuum pole to the vacuum head.


Prime your hose. Leave the skimmer adapter (connected to one end of the hose) on the deck, and plunge the vacuum head (connected to the pole) in the pool. Hold the vacuum head on one of the returns (jets) to fill the hose with water. Once water starts flowing out of the skimmer adapter end, leave the vacuum head under water and place the adapter in the skimmer. Suction of the pump will hold the adapter in place.


Go to your 3 way valve at the pool pump. Coming from the pool there are 2 lines, 1 Main drain, and 1 Skimmer. Shut off the main drain so that you are only drawing water from the skimmer. * If you notice your pump is drawing a lot of air at this point, simply open the main drain half way.


Vacuum your pool. You may vacuum anything that is under water. Keep in mind this vacuum is much slower than a normal home vacuum. Go over the debris slowly.


Once you are done vacuuming, simply turn off your skimmer line (open the main drains only) using your 3 way valve at the pump. Take out the skimmer adapter from the skimmer, drain and roll up your hose. Return your 3 way valve to normal operation (in the middle drawing from both main drain and skimmer).



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