Pool Services

Pool Builders now offers a complete selection of pool services for all in-ground pool owners. From seasonal services to safety fence and cover installations, Pool Builders has you covered. Please see below for a complete list of available pool services.

Removable Pool Fencing:

Looking for peace of mind for your children’s safety but don’t want to permanently fence in your entire pool area? Check out our child/baby/pet safe removable pool fences.

Pool Openings:

Start the new pool season on the right foot, have your pool professionally opened in the spring. You can now book your pool opening online! Our opening services are exclusively for pools installed and/or winterised by Pool Builders Ltd.

Pool Closings:

Have the peace of mind that your pool and pool accessories will be safe from winter’s harsh elements, by using professionals to close your pool in the fall. We winterize vinyl-liner in-ground pools installed by Pool Builders. You can now book your pool closing online!

Winter Safety Covers:

Safety covers are a great way to protect both your loved ones and your pool over the winter months. The mesh material allows water to seep through the cover, thus, the pool is naturally refilled by precipitation. Each cover is custom manufactured to fit any pool shape, size, and water features.  The drilled deck anchors allow for the cover to remain firmly in place while keeping the pool area aesthetically pleasing throughout the off-season.