Building beautiful and lasting in-ground pools is the main thing we do here at Pool Builders Ltd. Every season our team installs over 60 in-ground pools in the National Capital Region. We offer almost every type of swimming pool. See below the type of pools we offer:

Fiberglass Pools:

Fiberglass pools are ready-made pool shells that get craned into place. Because of this, the fiberglass pool is the quickest to install. Most fiberglass pool models offer luxurious in-pool staircases with multiple sitting and lounging areas. This style of pool is perfect for leisurely swims and to just “chill” in. Pool Builders offers exclusively Latham fiberglass pools. By being Latham’s Grand Builder for the Ottawa region, Pool Builders can offer every single pool model that Latham makes. With over 42 models to choose from, Pool Builders will be able to get you the best fitting and looking pool for your space. One of the biggest advantages of a fiberglass pool is that it does not have a vinyl liner, thus eliminating the future expense of having to reline the pool every 10 to 20 years. For more information on fiberglass pools please contact us.

Vinyl Over Steel In-Ground Pools:

Vinyl over steel in-ground pools (a.k.a. vinyl in-ground or steel in-ground), is a swimming pool that is assembled on site. The pool’s walls, steps, benches and ledges are made of galvanized steel and concrete. The pool’s concrete floor and steel walls are covered with a vinyl liner which acts as a membrane to retain pool water. Vinyl/steel pools are the most popular choice of in-ground pools, with about 80% of new pool installations being vinyl-lined pools. The customizability of steel pools permits pool designs of any size, shape and depth. Provided there is enough access for construction equipment, a steel pool could be installed in almost any backyard. Pool Builders Ltd. is also Latham‘s Grand Builder for steel pools in the Ottawa region. For more information on vinyl over steel in-ground pools please contact us.

Vinyl Over Polymer In-Ground Pools:

Vinyl over polymer in-ground pools are the same as vinyl over steel pools. The only difference is using polymer instead of steel for the pool’s frame. The polymer panels guarantee there will never be any corrosion on the pool’s frame. Polymer pools are the same price as steel pools. Pool Builders Ltd. uses Latham for our polymer pool installations. For more information please contact us.

On-Ground Pools:

On-ground pools, also known as semi in-ground pools have the same structure as a steel in-ground pool (steel walls and concrete bottom covered by vinyl) but can be installed partly out of the ground. This type of pool is ideal to build over bedrock or in slopped spaces. It’s solid steel frame and braces can be used to fasten a wood deck around the pool. On-ground pools are slightly cheaper than in-ground steel pools. Pool Builders Ltd. offers Latham’s Rockwood series, which has four shapes (oval, round, kideney and key shaped) in several sizes to choose from. For more information about on-ground pools please contact us.