Winter Safety Covers

The Advantages

Safety covers are a great way to protect both your loved ones and your pool over the winter months. The mesh material allows water to seep through the cover, thus, the pool is naturally refilled by precipitation. Each cover is custom manufactured to fit any pool shape, size, and water features.  The drilled deck anchors allow for the cover to remain firmly in place while keeping the pool area aesthetically pleasing throughout the off-season.

Our Cover

Our safety covers are provided by CoverLogix which is part of Lathem Pool Products. The 5000M standard mesh safety cover is available in blue, grey, green or tan. We recommend a 3’x3′ grid for freeform pools and a 5’x5′ grid for rectangle pools. Rectangle pools larger than 18’x36′ should use a 3’x3′ grid.

Getting a Cover

If you are interested in purchasing a safety cover, please contact [email protected] for an estimate. The average cost for a cover ranges from $2,500 to $4,000. Prices vary depending on the size and shape of your pool as well as the amounts of cutouts for water features. We require a 50% deposit when the cover is measured and the remaining balance after installation. The installation of your safety cover will be coordinated along with your pool closing.

*See our blogs for more information on Pool Closings and Openings