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Introduction to our videos:

Understanding your swimming pool equipment video:

Water Chemistry and how it affects your swimming pool:

How to vacuum your inground swimming pool:

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

How to clean your Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filters:

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Pentair Easytouch Panel How To Videos:

Quick Overview Of The Easytouch Panel Functions

Turning On Your Pool Heater (make sure the temperature on your Heater itself is higher then the temperature you set on the easy touch panel)

How To Turn On Your Pool Lights

How To Program Your Pump

Settings & How To Adjust Chlorinator & Super Chlorinate Your Pool

Diagnostics & How Check Your Salt Level

The Bucket Test: Is it evaporation or a leak?

Often in the spring and fall when the nights are cool and your pool is heated you will lose water due to evaporation.

There is a way to test if it is evaporation or a leak.  The way to do this is called a bucket test.  Here are the steps to follow:

1. Take a large empty ice cream bucket or something similar in size, fill it with your pool water (not garden hose or other type of water – as it must contain the same amount of salt and chemicals as your pool water)

2. Place the bucket on a step in your pool, where the bucket will have the same water level in it as on the step of the pool (both the water in your pool and on your step must be exactly the same level)

3. Leave the bucket overnight. Make sure no one uses the pool at this time.

4. In the morning check the water level in the bucket and in the pool. If the levels are the same it is evaporation. If the water in the pool is lower than in the bucket you may have a small leak.

Evaporation occurs more significantly when your water is heated and the nights are very cool.

Please let me know if your pool fails the bucket test.


How to turn your swimming pool heater on from the Pentair Easytouch Panel

Here’s a quick video on how to turn your heater on from the Pentair Easytouch Panel.

Click below for the video link:

Turning on your pool heater


Your swimming pool heater heater will only work if the pump is on. Also make sure the gas or propane valve is turned to on as well. Also the temperature on the heater itself must be set at higher than the temperature on your easytouch panel, as the easytouch panel cannot override the setting on the heater itself.

Please let us at Pool Builders know if you have any questions.

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