How To Prime Your Pentair Pool Pump

To prime your inground swimming pool pump follow these steps below:
Follow steps 1 to 8 for pools that include main drains and cartridge filter.
*If no Main drains, skip step 2 and 7
*If sand filter, skip step 8
1- Turn off power to pump (switch and breaker)
2- Using black 3 way valve, turn off Skimmer (main drain on only)
3- Remove pump lid
4- Fill pump with water all the way to top.
5- Put pump lid back on
6- Turn on Pump
7- Once pump is fully primed, turn on skimmer using 3 way valve (pump may fill with air at this point, simply wait about 10-60 seconds for it to fill back up).
8- Release air in system (open bleeder valve on top of cartridge filter, once water shoots out of bleeder valve, there is no more air in system).