What do I do when it’s time to close my pool in the fall or open it in the spring?

When you are ready to close your pool for the winter season, call Pool Builders to schedule your winterizing demonstration; this service is included with your pool purchase for the first season. As for your spring opening, simply reverse the winterizing procedure! If you are not comfortable with any of these procedures, Pool Builders offers a competitive pool opening and pool closing service.

When will we be able to start using the pool?

Once the pool is filled with water, the kids may want to jump in right away, so let them enjoy the thrill! It’s safe to do so, as we fill the pool with City water. However, most adults prefer to wait until the pool is heated to the desired temperature, and this usually takes 12 to 24 hours.

What type of access to my back yard will be needed for the installation of my pool?

The best possible access is one that will allow a dump truck to back up next to the pool site, 12’ wide minimum from the road to the site. However, this sort of access is not possible for many homeowners, and in those cases, we use a smaller loader to transport excavated materials to the dump truck at the roadside. This restriction extends the digging time and results in an additional charge of excavation.

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